About company


The Company “CASCADE-TEXTILE Ltd.” traces its origin back to 1999 as the representative of Sumy Worsted Knitting Mill. Since that time our Company has turned into the largest Production and Trading Enterprise in Ukraine. Currently the Company “CASCADE-TEXTILE Ltd.” is an official representative of JSC “Slonim WSF”, Republic of Belarus, in Ukraine. Therefore we can supply our Ukrainian Enterprises the most qualitative knitting yarn.

This is a list of the Knitting and Hosiery Manufacturing Companies in Ukraine that gladly cooperate with us and trust our quality:

PJSC “Sofia” (TM SOFLINE, BREX, BRAVADI), PJSC “Ukraina” (TM Light Step), “Robika”, “Lyubava Gracia” (TM NiTA), “Mrija”, “ALT-LUX”, “MD RITO”, TM “DUNA”, “Lady AAA”, VLAT Ltd., “Zaporozhye”, “Vlasta”, TM “TOPHAT”, TM “GINGERSUNNY”.

What we sell:

  • Wool Mixture and Acrylic Knitting Yarn in bobbins for machine knitting and in balls for hand knitting.
  • Raw and Dyed Cotton Bobbin Yarn for Knitting and Weaving Mills.
  • Raw and Dyed 100% Wool Merino Tops to produce Roving, Yarn, Knitted (Faux) Fur, Wool for Felting and Giant Knitting.
  • Wool for Dry and Wet Felting, Wool Tops for Giant Knitting.


  • Dyeing and Re-dyeing different kinds of Yarn and Wool Tops;
  • Twisting, Rewinding and Steaming of Yarn;
  • Unwinding Yarn from Bobbins into Balls;
  • Processing of the Customer-furnished Raw Materials (Yarn, Fibers).